Father and daughter freed from HIV

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by Elton John

 When AIDS is an uncomfortable and untouchable subject, the disease spreads.  But when we bring it to the fore, when we aren’t afraid to confront it, information spreads.  Compassion spreads.  The cure spreads.  Please, help me spread the cure.

It comes down to a simple equation, really.  If you give love out, you get love back.  If you take nothing else from the stories I’ve told here, please take that lesson to heart.  It is the only thing that matters.  It is why we need a global movement for love, and not just when it comes to AIDS.  We need to love the poor, we need to love the sick, and we need to love those who we perceive as different.  If love guides our actions, we can end AIDS.  If love drives our actions, we can build a better world.



Father and daughter freed from HIV

By Munyaneza Tite

From the October 1999 issue of The Christian Science Journal

There is no law of incurability.

Before being acquainted with Christian Science, I was always annoyed with problems: financial problems, relationship problems. But the severest problem I had was HIV My wife had died of this disease some months previously, and my death and the death of my daughter were predicted for the near future.

I continued to look for the spiritual interpretation of the Bible as the only way to find solutions to problems I had. I often spent my spare time tuning in many radio stations. One day while doing this, I tuned for the first time to The Herald of Christian Science—Shortwave. After listening to this program, I immediately wrote to have Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy sent to me. The first radio transmission I heard comforted me very much, because I learned that disease is not real, and it doesn’t come from God. Some people here in my country attribute the origin of AIDS to the punishment that God gave to sinners. How can God, Love, punish His innocent child? was the question I had always had before.

When I began reading Science and Health for the first time, I was greedy to read it fully. Step by step, I made progress. I learned that I belong to God, no matter how much the world believes in the strength of evil. I began to pray, seeing my daughter and myself as pure and whole by understanding that we were made up of qualities that God gives, such as love, intelligence, beauty, harmony, honesty, joy, strength, freedom. I continued to see us as living in God, Spirit, expressing these qualities—not living in matter. We are not mortal but God’s children.

I asked a Christian Science practitioner to treat us. She reminded me that God made man moral and good, and would not let His children lack or be deficient in anything, especially our immune system. There is no law of incurability, she assured us. And she affirmed that nothing bad could threaten my health or the health of my daughter. In turning wholly to God in prayer, I learned that God’s thoughts tell us how to live with courage and be totally free from fear of all kinds.

When we returned to my doctor to see the state of our disease, the doctor diagnosed that neither my daughter nor I had HIV The doctor himself was very surprised, and the test was done three times. Not only the AIDS, but also other diseases like malaria, abscess, a deep wound, and so on were healed by prayer. God, Truth, exempted us from disease.

I am very grateful for the practitioner, and for The Mother Church, which gave me the precious book Science and Health. I am deeply thankful to ever-present, all-loving God, who conducted me to the water of Life when He allowed me to listen for my first time to The Herald of Christian Science in 1996. Thanks to others who are also helping our spiritual growth.

Munyaneza Tite
Kigali, Rwanda