The Game of Life – Video

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I love the title, The Game of Life because for most of mankind, that’s all it really is. The narrator states that while we’re in the “race to get ahead” so many are left behind. Instead of thinking of life as a “race” we need to think of it as a journey; a journey that has purpose, one that will open our eyes to new possibilities. With each step we take, there is an opportunity to do as Christ Jesus asked us to do; to replace hate with Love, strength with humility, anger with kindness. If we strive daily to achieve those things, no one is left behind. Instead, we’re all included “in one grand brotherhood.”

by Lisa Perea


The game (click here) of life

What does it take to succeed?  Jesus rewrote the rules.  This inspiring film short by Andres de Paz and Annelie Jenne invites us to stop and reassess what’s driving us.