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I just want to say: I thank you, my dear students, who are at work conscientiously and assiduously,  for the good you are doing.  I am grateful to you,  for giving the sick relief from pain,  for giving joy to the suffering and hope to the disconsolate,  for lifting the fallen and strengthening the weak, and encouraging the heart grown faint with hope deferred.  We are made glad by divine Love which looseth the chains of sickness and sin, opening the prison doors to such as bound; and we should be more grateful than words can express, even through this white-winged messenger, our JOURNAL.


(June 1887 Volume 5 Issue 3 – The Christian Science Journal)


Addiction to smoking: no part of God’s allness

By John London

From the June, 2012 issue of The Christian Science Journal


Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking knows how uncomfortable it is—the withdrawal symptoms are intense and persistent. They make it very hard to quit. But I learned through Christian Science that God’s power is far greater than any addiction, no matter how persistent.

Finally, though I was very new to Christian Science, I got up the courage to call a Christian Science practitioner for the first time. She was willing to give me prayerful support, and asked me to call her
every day. She had me purchase a copy of Science and Health, and I dug out my old King James Bible—and we began to go through them together. We started with the definition of man that Mary Baker Eddy gives—that man is a spiritual idea—perfect, the image of Love. And how Jesus demonstrated for all mankind this divine idea in its fullness. Each time we talked, she reminded me that God is Love, and that I could not be a slave to tobacco. She pointed me to this biblical passage: “If we walk in the light, as he [God] is in the light . . . Jesus Christ his [God’s] Son cleanseth us from all sin” ( I John 1:7).

For the first time, I realized that I had not been dealing with a physical need at all, and as the practitioner had prayed to see me as God’s perfect child, I was experiencing what she’d told me from the start—that God is Love. What had seemed a physical addiction showed itself to be only an illusion—a terrible nightmare.

That healing made me begin questioning everything I had been brought up to believe about the nature of reality and life. In the days that followed, I longed to know more about Christian Science. Shortly after, I made contact with a Christian Science teacher and was accepted into her class, even though at the time I was still the president of the board of another church. I went through class, and a few months later I left my former church to become a member of both The Mother Church and my local Christian Science branch church.

It can be difficult to accept this. I know, because I never conceived that such healing was possible until I experienced it for myself. Now when I read of Jesus’ healings in the Bible, I understand that what seems so miraculous to us is the normal activity of Love. “The miracle of grace is no miracle to Love” (Science and Health, p. 494).

Far more than doctrine or belief, Christian Science is the demonstration of God’s love for us all, and this truth heals today—just as it did in Jesus’ lifetime. “Divine metaphysics is not to be scoffed at; it is Truth with us, God ‘manifest in the flesh,’ not alone by miracle and parable, but by proof; it is the divine nature of God, which belongs not to a dispensation now ended, but is ever present, casting out evils, healing the sick, and raising the dead—resurrecting individuals buried above-ground in material sense” (Mary Baker Eddy, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, pp. 109–110).

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Addiction to smoking: no part of God’s allness