Finding ways to combat excessive worry

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Finding ways to combat excessive worry

From the Official Blog of Thomas Mitchinson, Illinois Committee on Publication

To many, worry is not a choice, but more of an assault.  We may try not to worry, but end up doing so anyway.  It is no good to just tell ourselves or another, to stop worrying, because worry is a condition in which one mentally clutches a thought and won’t let go.   I have found that a great way to break the clutch of worry is to bring a fresh, new thought to each worrisome situation.  For me, that new thought comes from prayer.

 Prayer means different things to different people.  To me, prayer is finding a new way to think about a troubling situation.  I have found that moments with the Bible, or some other sacred text, has been sufficient to find the help I need.  It gives me something else to think about, and breaks the hold worry has on me.  One such passage is from Psalms.  It states, “Be still, and know that I am God” (Ps. 46: 10).  Many times that verse has helped me let go of worry and hold on to something higher and more powerful than myself.  Many of us feel powerless before our worries, but prayer can help us to think clearer, and make the right decisions to go forward in our lives.

 One summer, after one of my children reached 18, I had a very worrisome time.  Although now considered an adult in the eyes of the world, this one was still my child.  After spending many sleepless nights combating excessive worry, I decided to pray.  I spent some nights quietly studying a favorite sacred book, and found my thought being released from the compulsive hold of fear.  That summer was a watershed experience for me.  It changed my endless nights of worry into better nights of trust and love.

 I have found prayer a healthy lifestyle change.  It can reduce stress and anxiety, as we hang on to something other than our worries.  We are not powerless before our fears and concerns.  Prayer helps us find a way out of worry!

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Finding ways to combat excessive worry