Mother’s Day – Special Edition – Tim Mitchinson – Illinois COP

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Happy Mother’s Day!

From the  Official Blog of Thomas Mitchinson, Illinois Committee on Publication

 My mom was pretty amazing.  She was a great cook and baker.  She kept our home clean.  She was always there for any of her children, to wipe away a tear or give us encouragement.  We loved her dearly.

When I was fifteen and my sister was thirteen, my dad passed on.  My mom became the head of the family.  She was used to caring for our home and taking responsibility for the bills, but she didn’t drive and hadn’t been employed since marriage.  She took over and was a rock of strength for my sister and me.  And although she never did learn to drive, she did become employed.

Even though she loved my dad, we never saw her cry or bemoan her fate after the funeral.  She may have shed many tears after we left for school, but she never showed them to us.  She wanted our lives to be happy and fulfilled.  Her laugh was contagious.  She had a wonderful sense of humor.

She began each day after sending us out to school reading her Bible.  She had great faith in God.  She read the Christian Science Bible lesson every day as well as the religious periodicals of the Church.  She knew that her strength came from God.  Raising two teenagers as a now single mom was a huge responsibility for her and she instilled in us the importance of prayer.

She felt her mothering skills came from her prayer – that God was the source of love, caring and compassion, as well as strength and intelligence.  She even thought of God as the Father and Mother of everyone.  Each day she prayed to know that we would feel God’s Fathering care now that our dad was gone, and she also prayed that we would feel God’s Mothering love and guidance too.

One of her favorite hymns stated, “O Love, our Mother, ever near, To Thee we turn from doubt and fear! In perfect peace our thoughts abide, Our hearts now in this truth confide:  Man is the child of God.”

I was in my twenties when she passed.  I missed her then and think of her often now.  At her funeral, one person stated, “Everyone who knew Mary loved her” and another said, “I cannot ever recall her saying anything mean or nasty about anyone, she just loved everyone.”  I wish my children could have known their grandmother.  She was quite special.

I hope everyone feels that way about their mom, but I know they don’t.  Mother’s Day can be a time of great memories, but it can also be a time of heartache over a loved one now gone or of a painful past.  That is why the thought of God as the Mother of all of us is special.  It can help everyone realize that the love they desire is right with them.  God’s love is unconditional and available for all.  This love comforts, inspires, encourages and supports.  It’s like having loving arms around our being, and embracing our thinking.  The God of Love is also the God of intelligence and wisdom.

Anyone can turn to this Mothering Love at any time – it is never too late.  No matter our past, present or future, God’s love is here for all.  It’s time to turn away from any painful memories and turn to the God of Love.

Being a mom is a very special responsibility.  This Mother’s Day, I will be thinking of my own mom and thanking her for her years of love and support.  I will also be thinking of God and Her love for all of us.  No one is outside of this Love and it makes every day happy, productive and fulfilling.