Twelve years with Mary Baker Eddy – Rev. lrving Tomlinson

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Although at times in those early days her path was hedged about with the direst difficulties, the hand of wisdom was constantly guiding her footsteps.  Although some of her early pupils disgraced her, turned away from her teachings, and temporarily held back the progress of her Cause, nevertheless her devotion to her students was untiring.

In the storm of misunderstandings and criticism, in the stress of ingratitude and betrayal; constantly tried as by fire; at times, all but overwhelmed by the waters of malice, envy, and hate; beset by poverty, homelessness, and loneliness, this women pressed on.  Healing cases her students failed to heal, pondering and communing with her heavenly Father, she meekly broke the bread of Truth with her fellow men.  In the face of opposition greater than the world had known since the advent of Christianity, she would not be swayed from her God-appointed task.  In the secret recesses of her heart Mary Baker Eddy guarded the truth God had revealed to her.

 (Twelve years with Mary Baker Eddy – Rev. Irving Tomlinson page 42)



Daily Bread



Mary Baker Eddy


For this Cause I gave up all.  I forsook friends, popularity, social pleasure.  I stood alone.  I accepted opprobrium.  I went in rags – no, not in rags, for I mended and re-mended my gown so carefully that it could not be known.  I have passed a fruit standand hungered for the pears which my purse could not buy and all for this Cause.

I hope you are introducing the book Science and Health to all you meet.  The book is doing more good than ought else can do, and you will find, in time, if you go against that what is written therein, it is fighting against God and building on sand.  The foundational truths of Christian Science are the reality and allness of God, the unreality and nothingness of matter, the spirituality of man and the universe, the omnipotence of good, the impotence of evil.  (Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy page 45-46)