Traveling Light – Packing with the Christ

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 Daily Bread


Traveling Light – Packing with the Christ

Getting in shape spiritually.

watch a 16-minute lecture with Josh


The Daily Bread for today is a 16 minute video on how to get in shape spiritually (traveling light – packing with the Christ) by Christian Science practitioner Josh Niles.  Josh served as an officer in the U.S. army.  He was an Airborne Ranger in the 3rd Infantry Division and spent a year in Baghdad, Iraq, as a platoon leader.

Some thoughts on today’s lesson . . .

What kinds of thoughts are we carrying around that we could leave behind and what thoughts do we want to carry around in our mental backpack?

Let go of the heavy, burdensome thoughts, such as, fear, doubt, hate, homophobia, condemnation, worthlessness, family rejection, religious rejection, discrimination, and feeling unloved.  Don’t let them attach themselves.  They never came from God.  Toss them in the trash.  Don’t  believe them.  Error found out is two thirds destroyed.

Stand porter at the door of thought. What can happen when these false ideas attach themselves?  The  pain can become unbearable.  Pain + Pleasure = addiction (alcohol, sex, food, gambling, drugs).   Now, add in guilt and shame and you have a recipe for disaster which can lead to suicidal thoughts in your mental backpack.

It is not enough to stop grabbing on to the false landmarks of materiality (alcohol, sex, food, gambling, drugs) as the pain is still there.  This is why most people fail when trying to muscle their way out of addiction.

Solution:  Christian Science reveals our unity or oneness with God with Love at the helm.  This is the original blueprint.  It is made up of Truth and Love.  God’s law is always in operation.  It is all good, all powerful, whole, and complete.  God is All-in-All.  God is Love.

We don’t have to carry around a false theology or misunderstanding of the Christ.  Let go of that fire and brimstone idea of God.  Love yourself as God’s image and likeness.  You did not create yourself.  God is the Shepherd.

Now repack your mental backpack for today and everyday with Love.  Love God the most and your neighbor as yourself.  You will never love your neighbor until you first love yourself.  Add in harmony, moral courage, strength, humility, honesty, Truth, wisdom,  and sincerity, to your mental backpack.  These qualities are natural and available right here, right now, to All mankind!

And always remember,  God is never separate from the wisdom He bestows.  So pack with the Christ and travel light.

Truth, Wisdom, Love, and Sincerity,

Rob Scott

Chicago, IL