Start with God

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With God all things are possible.

(Matthew 19:26)

Start with God

By Klaus-Hendrik Herr

Reprinted from The Christian Science Journal


 Sometimes there are situations that seem so daunting that we might harbor doubts about whether there will be a healing or even a change for the better. We might think that with all the prayer that has gone into finding a solution, all the understanding that has been brought to bear on the situation, the outlook is still uncertain. These, however, are not thoughts coming to us from the divine Mind, but only an attitude of beleaguered mortal mind. Overcoming such fears is only another branch in the climb, and one we’re sure to master and leave behind since “… progress is the law of God, whose law demands of us only what we can certainly fulfill” (Science and Health, pp. 233 ). With continued trust in the spiritual Science of good, we’ll find ourselves in the arms of divine Love, where we’ve been all along, and rediscover our childlikeness and the understanding that we’re eternally safe in His care.

Christianly scientific prayer doesn’t start with need or insufficiency. Rather it’s looking out from the pinnacle of perfect Life and perfect Love. A hymn puts it this way: “From glory unto glory, / From strength to strength we go” (Frances R. Havergal, Christian Science Hymnal, No. 65).

Following this line of thought we arrive at different conclusions. It’s like experiencing the view from the top of the tree. We see God and feel more His saving power in our lives, rather than limiting ourselves to the perspective of the need to be saved or freed from something dire. And God is not just asking us not to fear; He also gives the reason for this demand: “Because I am with thee.”

Trying to become better or to be healed without the perspective of God with us includes fear and doubt, because it is limited to a kind of blind faith, without a reason to trust. But looking first to God for all and as All brings the reason for reliance and fearlessness—the actual presence of the Divine. The intention is not to get rid of sickness or to acquire something we think we need, but to get to know God, to get to know Him as Love and Truth. Whatever needs to be accomplished, in reality it’s always all about knowing in our hearts the full Truth. Starting in this way expresses a higher form of selfless reverence for the divine Ego and exclaims, “It’s all between You and me, God!” From there every challenge has a solution.

 In battling the belief that we are disconnected from God-endowed inspiration, we can begin to explore more deeply the “maximum of good … the infinite God and His idea …” (Science and Health, pp. 103 ). We naturally start to refute the sense that we are sinners or victims, and embrace our status as the blessed offspring of God.

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