LIVE – to discover your real worth (Part 1)

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LIVE— to discover your real worth


From the May 7, 2007 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

WHEN I GOT TO KNOW Patricia several years ago, one of the things that struck me was her delight in what she was learning every day about life with God at the center. She wasn’t full of religious talk, but she brimmed with joy.

When you read her story [see sidebar], you’ll see she didn’t get to that place easily. Suicidal thoughts tormented her for years. But healing power sprang her from that mental prison. Patricia wouldn’t claim to have solved all life’s problems, and yet she has discovered her worth in God’s eyes and seen that she has something to give to the world. Now she can look people in the eye, laugh, love, and live unashamed in a way she didn’t think possible in earlier years.

Anyone can experience the power of spiritual truth to end self destructive thoughts. No matter how hopeless or ruined you feel, God knows you as His/Her worthy and loved idea, and as such you can’t be controlled by these hateful thoughts. Surrendering to the truth of your spiritual identity will defeat awful monsters that feel as if they’re you. Anyone who wants to change for the better can certainly live without shame, fear, and the desire to die.

Power is not in the lie but in spiritual truth. The truth that there is one good Life, and that Life is God, destroys the lie of many enemies, and even many personalities. As individual expressions of one Life, we exist in unity and harmony with everything else that lives. Jesus’ ability to heal came from his total conviction of this harmony. When he saw a tormented person, he saw through the lie to the reality—perfect Life expressing itself right there in a perfect identity. In the presence of that understanding, people woke up to their true selves.

To see and understand in that Christlike way is to reflect God’s love. The more we practice doing this, the more alert and prepared we’ll be to help those who are suicidal, or those affected by another’s suicide. Whatever thought or action claims to have destroyed happiness, or even life, can’t really do it—because everyone’s identity is spiritual and continually progresses. The divine consciousness that heals isn’t confined by barriers called birth and death, past and present. It’s always revealing to everyone the truth that causes misery to flow away and makes darkness bright as morning. | ♦

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