Comfort in the aftermath of suicide

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Christian Science is Hope that is alive and healing.  Why Hope?

Hope is the major weapon against suicide.

Comfort in the aftermath of suicide

A Christian Science perspective:

By Kari Mashos

What of the dark thoughts that appear to take hold of our thinking and tempt us to such destructive action? They are the making of the mental pressure to conform to fear and desperation. But through this darkness, the light of Christ shines. The Christ shows us the power of divine Love.

The most active statement we can make, and which carries divine weight to make a difference in all avenues of society, is in the power of prayer. Wherever injustice appears to be in control – whether ignorant or malicious, and whether induced by cold, enforced extremism – there is hope. We find reason for this hope through Christ. Certainly in this Easter season, celebrating Christ Jesus’ supreme victory over all material conditions, is the largest lesson which brings hope. His prayers, knowing what God is and does, were answered fully.

We each go directly to “Our Father which art in heaven” where every voice is heard, every fear is calmed, and every heart given courage. Our prayers make us powerful activists, demanding that as children of God we are motivated only by Him. Why? because the Christ works in our prayers and shows us our holy nature from God. It demands us to live His qualities. It brings out the wisdom of God in all things. Christly prayers cause us to embrace all in brotherly and sisterly love. And prayer reveals that we have the divine, infinite resources to help us. Our prayers show us the power of divine Love to lift us out of darkness. They make clear both the willingness and ability of divine intelligence and Love to embrace the human condition.

That God is “a very present help in trouble” has been proven many times over (Psalm 46:1). The23rd Psalm shows us that our lives are here to bring out the proof that “goodness and mercy shall follow [us] all the days of [our] life.” This is a divine promise. Hope in the divine ways and means of Truth blossoms into faith and understanding. Divine Love calls deep within us. It empowers us to reject the mental coercion that comes with despair.


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