Guaranteed to bloom.

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God’s promise of good is universal and applies to everyone, in every walk of life.  This fact is not coincidental, but is based on spiritual law.  What if we feel as though our bloom is a long time in coming, or that the bloom has already faded?  God’s promise,  just like the spring, is actually never-failing and everlasting.  We bloom! Guaranteed.


Guaranteed to Bloom.

Daily Bread



One day last September, I sat in my home office pondering my life and wondering what God wanted me to do next.

Two years before that, I’d left a high-level executive job, which definitely felt like the right step, and started following a new plan. I was discouraged when that new plan didn’t work out. So, I devoted more time to volunteering at church, helped with our church’s Christian Science Reading Room relocation, and returned to a university for a yearlong professional program in editing. Once I’d earned my editing certificate, the world was experiencing a severe economic downturn and jobs were scarce. And again, I was back at that same desk in my home office wondering what to do.

One day, while driving to my weekly volunteer position at our Reading Room, I found myself feeling guilty about not holding down a full-time job. I had worked my whole adult life, and it felt so strange not to be bringing home a paycheck.  Again, I struggled with a feeling of lost identity as I saw many people on the freeway commuting to work. I was tempted to feel left out and lacking purpose, before I thought again of the promise “guaranteed to bloom.”

It occurred to me as I drove along that there is only one Mind (a synonym for God).  I took this to mean that there must be only one foundational purpose for God’s children. And since there is only one purpose, which is to express the glory and goodness of God, then there must be only one job.  One individual’s job is no more important than another’s in God’s eyes.  All jobs are of equal importance—in purpose and in productivity.

This idea immediately dissolved the guilt I’d been feeling. I knew that my work in the Reading Room was very important, and I enjoyed helping people find solutions through the resources there.  Just because this job didn’t bring in a paycheck didn’t detract from its importance.

This statement from Science and Health helped clarify the concept of purpose even further: “Spirit, God, gathers unformed thoughts into their proper channels, and unfolds these thoughts, even as He opens the petals of a holy purpose in order that the purpose may appear” (p. 506).  To me, this meant that I didn’t need a new purpose, but I did need to be sure I was seeing what God was already providing for me, even though it might look different from what I was used to.


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Guaranteed to bloom

Kelly Michaels
Reprinted from the September 13, 2010 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel.