I Am – Because – I am

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I Am – Because – I Am

By Tom Taffel

February 14, 2012


I am grateful for unlimited abundance

Because I am learning that abundance isn’t what I have, but what I give.


I am striving to be more generous, gracious and compassionate

Because I am part of the seamless flow of good.


I am in need of nothing but the truth

Because I am satisfied knowing my hopes are truly fulfilled.


I am savoring the blessings of eternal tranquility

Because I have released the chains of resentment, guilt and regret


I am not bogged down by a longing heart

Because I have gained an appreciation of my own self-worth.


I am no longer grieving over the unsaid and undone, the unfulfilled

Because I have been healed of regret, sorrow and guilt.


I am never in danger

Because I am always safe in God’s loving protection


Because my safety lies in my defenselessness

I am not defensive


I am no longer ambushed by death, doubt and fear

Because I am sincerely grateful for ever-present Life, Truth and Love.


I am not going to embrace loss but caress the present

Because the gift of grace gently returns me to the peace I have never left.


I am no longer shedding silent tears

Because I cherish the cleansing tears that sparkle with hope; the certainty of good.


I am grateful for my friends

Because my friends are the family I make.



I am enjoying my home… more…as an extension of my consciousness

Because my “H.O.M.E.” is the “Harmony Of Mind Expressed.”


I am the gracious subject of my own joyous life

Because both twilight and dawn have become times of spiritual renewal.


I am not a physical being having a spiritual experience…

Because I am a spiritual being having a physical experience.


I am not a body, I am free

Because I am just as God created me.


I am the light of the world

Because that is my function, purpose and reason for being.


I am the world through which I walk … taking God with me, wherever I go.

Because wherever I go…God is!