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To the Point!

by | Jan 10, 2012

January 10, 2012

To Injure No Man But To Bless All Mankind.  –  Mary Baker Eddy




To The Point!   by Linda Rohrs

Thinking back on my childhood I recall my mother telling me not to point at people when we were out in public.  Good manners and civility aside, there is a powerful metaphysical basis for extending this courtesy, too! In absolute Christian Science, a radical departure from so called mortal mind’s business as usual, we glean from revelation that there is only one Mind in operation in our Universe leaving no fallible separate corporeal minds or bodies to point out.  Infinity is One!  A false belief in so called “dual citizenship”, that God’s man is mortal and immortal, can not stand.  In our spiritual unfoldment we understand Scriptural wisdom not be fooled in believing in “…gods many, and lords many,) But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him, and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.” (I-Cor. 8)
In “Mary Baker Eddy’s Lessons of The Seventh Day” compiled by Richard Oakes  Mary Baker Eddy reportedly made this statement, “Strive to work from God, instead of up to God. No treatment is exact unless it starts from God and starts as God and so continues…Animal magnetism is powerless but you must declare against it as though it had all power, yet I have told you to handle evil as though it had power. This is because of your place in growth spiritual. Animal magnetism is a strange infatuation to forget and not watch. The only trouble is we limit God’s power. We could even raise the dead from the grave if we did not limit Him….As long as you believe in error at all, you will have to continue with specific claims. And: if you do not master malicious animal magnetism the world will go on another 1900 years sunk in deepest night.”
In different ages wise men and women have given witness to Spirit’s allness and the illusory nature of mortality. Our dear Divine Science, alone, corroborates through Christian healing the Truth of the ages. For instance the 2nd century Greek philosopher Plotinus penned in “The Return to the Soul”~ The first stage in rising to the vision of the Good, the true Beauty, our Father, is to turn from the outward senses to the inner vision of the mind. Here the greatest, the ultimate contest is set before our souls; all our toil and trouble is for this, not to be left without a share in the best of visions.” Plotinus describes Reality as Nous which is Greek for Divine Mind, logos or order.
Not only “Father Knows Best” but my dear mother’s loving correction about not pointing at seeming others was scientific. Awe inspiring profound glimpses occur when the hypnotic 3-D material consciousness completely falls away to reveal spiritual man as reflecting the City 4 Square~ Infinite Mind’s fourth dimensional indestructible blissful immortal holy joyous impersonal loving Light filled Divine nature as “the One, altogether lovely;” the Divine Us’ Christ consciousness.
To recapitulate from M.B.E.‘s Miscellany pg. 242: You can never demonstrate spirituality until you declare yourself to be immortal and understand that you are so. Christian Science is absolute; it is neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing towards it; it is at this point and must be practiced therefrom. Unless you fully perceive that you are the child of God, hence perfect, you have no Principle to demonstrate and nor rule for its demonstration. By this I do not mean that mortals are the children of God,~ far from it. In practicing Christian Science you must state its Principle correctly, or you forfeit your ability to demonstrate it.”   In closing, “The one Spirit includes all identities.” (S&H pg.30)