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Unity in Christ

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  NOH8 – CLICK HERE Campaign speaks out to say, "It Gets Better"   Hi Everyone! It has come to me to add that the calling of the Christ for unity is bringing peoples together sharing love and hope with each other.  This is especially good in situations where suicidal thoughts or being on the verge of suicide can be… Read more »

“Keep Moving – with the holidays”

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  “Keep Moving –  with the holidays”                                  by Tom Taffel With the new year just around the corner, many of us may be contemplating moving, making lifestyle changes, changes in employment or even family situations.  Whatever the need for change, the one word that strikes a universal chord among us all is “movement.” Movement comes effortlessly and naturally at times… Read more »

Sharing with Hope & Love

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At this time my heart pours out to those in dire need.  Mere words cannot save, but sharing openly and honestly is the key to healing.  Remember what I said a while ago about the importance of the word "HOPE"?  Sharing is HOPE and it’s done through deed of love. Please do post my input on the Emergence web page. … Read more »