Just turn on the light!

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At that point, my parents said we either needed to call a Christian Science practitioner or go to an emergency room immediately. I asked my mom to call the practitioner. Because I was raised in Christian Science and had attended the Christian Science Sunday School my whole life, I knew and held to the following laws:

1) I could never be separated from God;

2) I could never fall from God’s love; and

3) divine Mind was and had always been in control.

The practitioner shared the absolute spiritual truths with my mom that it was impossible for me as the idea of God to be injured, and that the only cause of anything in my life was God—which precluded accident or injury.

I was not correcting an imperfect situation, but realizing my perfection.

The next day I talked with the practitioner directly, and he shared something that has remained vivid in my mind. He asked me to imagine I was looking for a book on a desk in a dark room. To find the book in that dark room, all I had to do was turn on the light. Turning on the light would not create the book; it would just reveal its location. I understood this to mean I was and am already perfect, but I just had to turn on the light—eliminate the darkness of what the material picture was trying to say—to reveal my perfection. With this thought in mind, I was able to go to school that day.


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