Facing down mental ambushes

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Block about 40 minutes to be still and listen to this lecture if you have some free time. 

It is about facing down mental ambushes such as hate, fear, doubt. I add homophobia.

The message that has come several times to me in the past few days is that a sense of hate doesn’t belong to us and is not attached to us because we are the pure, loved idea of God.

And if this is true for us then it is true for everyone. A belief of hate, fear, or even homophobia can’t attach itself to a person if you stand and uncover it as a lie. It has no power because it didn’t come from God or good.

This is what would have saved Jamey Rodemeyer (see CS Monitor article cited earlier). A simple lesson but life saving.

Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.


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