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Just turn on the light!

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Just turn on the light! – CLICK HERE 10/03/11   At that point, my parents said we either needed to call a Christian Science practitioner or go to an emergency room immediately. I asked my mom to call the practitioner. Because I was raised in Christian Science and had attended the Christian Science Sunday School my whole life, I knew… Read more »

A God-listening heart

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  A God-listening heart –  Click Here  SENTINEL 10/21—In your family, or among friends or acquaintances—are you thinking somebody’s not doing the right thing, or making the right life choices? Are you being judged yourself?    In the Bible, Jesus used strong words to defend minor breaches in Mosaic law: “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment”… Read more »

Love the critic

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Loving the critic – Click Here CS MONITOR 10/20—   What would the world be like if there were less destructive criticism? Much of what causes people to fear others would disappear.         That destructive criticism is a falsehood about the person being criticized is often pretty apparent. Rarely is criticism that’s motivated by envy or hate reasonable… Read more »

Fear and the economy

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      Fear and the economy   Fear and the economy MONITOR 10/18—With precarious conditions in today’s world economy –     Christian Science Monitor John Park    With precarious conditions in today’s world economy – especially in the United States and Europe – uncertainties create underlying fears. For anyone who is deep in debt, perhaps with a family and a precarious job position, the… Read more »

Facing down mental ambushes

      1 Comment on Facing down mental ambushes     Block about 40 minutes to be still and listen to this lecture if you have some free time.  It is about facing down mental ambushes such as hate, fear, doubt. I add homophobia. The message that has come several times to me in the past few days is that a sense of hate doesn’t belong to us… Read more »

Calling All Angels

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  Calling all angels John Minard   Calling all angels 03/04/04     After driving north for several hours through sprawling greater Detroit, I was ready for a few days vacation in beautiful northern Michigan. But the TV that morning and the news on the radio were taking a toll on my normally upbeat disposition—more soldiers killed in Iraq, increased… Read more »