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2011 Emergence conference Prayer

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  This is my gift to the Conference, which you may feel free to share with all on your mailing list.   I look within   8,6,8,6                                                 I look within to know my Life                         As perfect, whole and pure;                         Within the everlasting Arms                         My… Read more »

The Wizard of Oz

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  …the Kingdom of God is within you.    You‘ve Always Had The Power… – YouTube – 1 min – Feb 15, 2009 – Uploaded by jasstnhawk Like Dorothy, you have always had the power to return "home … Chicago’s Oprah Winfrey continued to share one of her favorite quotes from the 1939 MGM film classic "The Wizard of Oz" during her final show episodes. "You’ve always had the power" is the reassuring quote Glinda, the Good Witch… Read more »

Pilate – Human rights & Divine love

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  Pale in the presence of his own momentous question, ‘What is Truth,’ Pilate was drawn into acquiescence with the demands of Jesus enemies.  Pilate was ignorant of the consequences of his aweful decision against human rights and divine Love, knowing not that he was hastening the final demonstration of what life is and what the true knowledge of God… Read more »

If you have been wronged

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  To injure no man and bless all mankind.   Mary Baker Eddy    IT GETS BETTER: SEATTLE MEN’S CHORUS & SEATTLE WOMEN’S CHORUS VIEW THE VIDEO     Expecting good, knowing its source is in God, frees us from depression, stress, and despair. It enables us to receive God’s good thoughts, His unerring and perfect direction.   Mary Baker Eddy,… Read more »