What a feast

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To injure no man and bless all mankind.
Mary Baker Eddy 
Where did the mother-love come in? Certainly the sweet direction to go to the sourcebook of spiritual, healing ideas, inspired by the Bible itself, was a motherly command. And the words my eyes fell on filled my heart with awe—closing the gaping hole I had not admitted was there. Eddy wrote about a woman in Luke’s Gospel who, uninvited, invaded a dinner party against all accepted custom. Her intent was to bathe and anoint Jesus’ feet. She bathed them with her tears; she dried them with her hair. Eddy wrote, “This is what is meant by seeking Truth, Christ, not ‘for the loaves and fishes,’ nor, like the Pharisee, with the arrogance of rank and display of scholarship, but like Mary Magdalene, from the summit of devout consecration, with the oil of gladness and the perfume of gratitude, with tears of repentance and with those hairs all numbered by the Father” (Science and Health, p. 367). 


What a feast!

Patricia Kadick
August 8, 2011 Journal online

What a feast! Patricia Kadick. August 8, 2011 Journal online. I know I’m not the only one who loves the story of Jesus turning water into wine.