Still Small voice

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We should examine ourselves and learn what is the affection and purpose of the heart, for in this way only can we learn what we honestly are. 


Science and Health 8: 28-30 

Still Small Voice 

Learning to trust your instincts, using you intuitive sense of what’s best for you, is paramount for any lasting success.  I’ve trusted the still, small voice of intuition my entire life.  And the only time I’ve made mistakes is when I didn’t listen.


It’s really more a feeling than a voice – a whispery sensation that pulsates just beneath the surface of your being.  All animals have it.

We’re the only creatures that deny or ignore it.  


Awhile back, Bob Greene and I were walking with my dogs around the pond at my home in California.  The weather was damp and

misty, and I was concerned that it was too cold for the dogs to go in the water.  But Bob said, ‘Don’t worry – they’re dogs.  There’re

not going to stay in the water if it’s too cold.  Animals don’t deliberately cause themselves discomfort the way people do.’


How many of us have gone against your gut, only to find yourself at odds with the natural flow of things?  We all get caught up in the

business of doing, and sometimes lose our place in the flow.  But the more we can tune in to our intuition, the better off we are.  I

believe it’s how God speaks to us.


For all the major moves in my life – to Baltimore, to Chicago, to my own show, and to end it – I’ve trusted my instincts.  I take in all the

information I can gather.  I listen to proposals, ideas, and advice.  Then I go with my gut, what my heart feels most strongly.

And I often tell friends:  When you don’t know what to do, do nothing.  Get quiet so you can hear  the still, small voice – your inner

GPS guiding you North.