Heart in Protest

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A heart in protest

Linda Kohler
Reprinted from the August 2009 issue of The Christian Science Journal.

Many of Jesus’ patients had to go out of their way to get to him—by pushing through crowds, by friends tearing out roof tiles, or by walking a day’s journey into the countryside to hear him preach. I think it’s safe to say that nobody turned to Jesus out of habit. Nobody turned to him because that’s what they were used to doing, or because it’s what they were supposed to do. They had to actively turn away from old ways of thinking and acting to a radically new view of God and His healing love. One of Jesus’ main themes was: Repent, which means: Change the way you’re thinking. Mrs. Eddy tells us, “He demanded a change of consciousness and evidence, and effected this change through the higher laws of God” (Unity of Good, p 11). No matter how long we’ve relied on Christian Science for healing, we can still use that kind of repenting. Turning to Christian Science for healing is an active, informed, inspired choice—not a matter of “I’m a Christian Scientist and this is what we do.”


heart in protest