The Human and Divine Coincidence

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Here is the keynote speech given by Sue Humble, CS:


Questions about the relationship between God and man,
and how God enters into the human to help man, have
been hotly debated theological issues throughout time.
The peoples’ idea of God has certainly affected their
views of man’s relationship to God. Early
civilizations saw their god or gods as a power they
needed to keep happy so that their lives would be
better; which translated into good weather for crops,
fertile breeding of their animals, successful
propagation of their children, safety, good health and
long lives. We read many examples in the Hebrew Bible
of people’s worshiping Baal, the Canaanite weather and
fertility god.


During the Greek civilization, people worshipped a
pantheon of Gods. These gods had many human
characteristics, and the goal was to keep them happy
and appeased so man could have health, wealth and long
life. The gods lived close by, often on hill tops and
mountains, and were always keeping their eyes on the
people. If you have ever traveled to Athens Greece you
will remember seeing the hills that they believed
their gods lived on and of course we probably have all
heard of Mt. Olympus where Zeus ruled from. If you
have read any of the Greek classics you are familiar
with the stories of how the gods took on a human form
and interacted with humans. If a god got angry at
someone, well oops. Philosophers during that period,
especially the Stoics, developed the term “fate” to
explain why unfortunate things happened to people.
Later this idea of fate meant that man’s life was
ordered and prescribed by god; in some ways it’s like
the term “destiny” that we use today, which then
developed into the theological idea of


The Children of Israel believed that their God lived
in the “second story” of the three-story universe and
that obedience to their God Yahweh would bring about
peace and prosperity. Disobedience to God would bring
military defeat, punishment and hardship, even the
loss of Jerusalem. This theology is written
throughout the entire Hebrew Bible (Old Testament).
This is a very simplistic historical overview of the
development of the various views of God and God’s
interaction with humankind. What is common throughout
history is the acceptance that God is well aware of
what man is doing and takes a very active role in the
affairs of man.


During the 6th century BC there was what I would
describe as a major shift in how man viewed God. Some
scholars argue that it had its beginning during the
time of the Greeks and came with the invention of the
telescope. Does it sound a little odd that science
could have such an impact on theology? Once scientists
began to use the telescope to look into the heavens
they discovered that they could not locate God there.
They looked up and saw stars and planets, and even
later calculated that the earth was a sphere not a
disk. But where was God? For centuries they were told
God lived in the heavens and had a body. This new
revelation gave Greek philosophers much to ponder and
talk about. This led further into a debate on how God
creates man–the concept philosophers titled as the
problem of the One to the Many. If God himself did not
have a body, how did man end up with a body? Can you
just imagine the turmoil to religions and people who
had grown up thinking their god lived in the heavens
above them?


The philosophers began to reason that God had to be
different than how they previously described God. At
this time, the name for God began to change to the
Greek term Monad, meaning “One alone”. They reasoned
that the Monad was the source of all else. All things
were made as ideas in the mind of this Monad or God,
and existed in an eternal and immaterial divine
dimension. The pattern of everything was Good, just
like the Monad. The Monad was wholly spiritual. The
vocabulary describing the gods and their actions was
discarded by some Greeks, because now the One was
wholly spiritual, immaterial, a God of light. Any of
this language sound slightly familiar? It can’t be
emphasized too strongly that these were revolutionary
ideas. This theology became the foundation of a
stream of thought called Gnosticism, which we
discussed yesterday, and in some ways, I would argue
this is the birthplace of some of the theology of
Christian Science.


Keep in mind, this happened long before Jesus came on
the scene. After Jesus’ resurrection, some sects of
Christianity, in an attempt to explain who Jesus was,
put God back into human form in the body of Jesus. It
is interesting to see how the views of God and man
change throughout time, influenced by society,
culture, science, and the struggle for something
different, when the current ways of thinking about
things no longer meet every person’s needs. We
certainly know of Mrs. Eddy’s struggle as a young
woman with the theological view of predestination, and
her feeling the need to search for answers that her
Church was not providing her.


Today we will look at the question of how God
interacts in the affairs of man from the Christian
Science perspective. As students of Christian Science,
we know just how wonderfully unique Mrs. Eddy’s
discovery and unfolding understanding of God and
Christian Science is. When Mrs. Eddy was asked, do you
believe in God? Her response was, “I believe more in
Him that do most Christians, for I have no faith in
any other thing or being. He sustains my
individuality, nay, more- He is my individuality and
my Life. To me God is All, but this divine Parent no
more enters into His creation than the human father
enters into his child. His creation is not the ego but
the reflection of the Ego. The Ego is God Himself, the
infinite Soul.” (Unity 48:6-18). Mrs. Eddy’s
spiritual understanding of God and man is the basis of
our talk today. So let’s explore more deeply her
teachings on this simple but very profound concept
called the Human and Divine Coincidence.

What is the definition of the Coincidence? The
dictionary definition that I feel best fits is from
the American College Dictionary. It reads: Coincidence
is “to occupy the same place at the same period of
time. To correspond exactly in nature, chemistry etc.
Things happening at the same time in exact agreement.”
So the Human and the Divine exist at exactly the same
place at exactly the same time. Let’s stop and think
about this for a moment—(slowly) the human and the
Divine exist at exactly the same place at exactly the
same time. And it is important to realize that this
same place and same time means at all time and in
every place. So at this exact moment, the human and
the Divine are in this place. Wow. But the Divine can
only be coincident with itself, because if you think
about it, when things occupy the same place at the
same time they must have the same nature; hence only
the nature of the Divine is present.


Why is this study important? Because from an
understanding of this Coincidence grows a deeper sense
of our relationship to the Divine, and how it is only
the Divine (and not the human) that can embrace
humanity and solve the problems of humanity.
Foundation of the Coincidence- Oneness, Allness and
Onlyness of God:


So on what is the human and Divine Coincidence based?
On the absolute oneness of God and man, divine
Principle and divine idea. This point is crucial to
understand and is the basis of Christian Science and
the Coincidence. For there cannot be the Coincidence
if there is duality–God and man as separate beings.
We must begin by understanding God – or Divinity — to
understand Oneness. One of Mrs. Eddy’s definitions of
God reads: “God is incorporeal, divine, supreme,
infinite, Mind, Spirit, Soul Principle, Life, Truth
and Love (SH465:9-10). She continues: “Principle and
its idea is one, and this one is God, omnipotent,
omniscient and omnipresent Being, and his reflection
is man and the universe” (SH 465: 17-466:1).

“God is one. The allness of Deity is His oneness”. (SH
267:5-6). So all that is present is God only. “The
infinite is one, and this One is Spirit. Spirit is God
and this God is infinite good. This simple statement
of oneness is the only possible correct version of
Christian Science” says Mrs. Eddy (My 356:25-28).
“I am infinite All. From me proceedeth all Mind, all
consciousness, all individuality, all being. I say
unto you, God is All-in All and you can never be
outside of His oneness.” (Un 24:2-9). All
Consciousness is Mind, there is no secondary
consciousness. This is so important to understand and
MBE refers to it as the “keynote of being.” (SH
240:10). “To grasp the reality and order of being in
its Science, you must begin by reckoning God as the
divine Principle of all that really is.” (SH 275:10)
So how does man fit into the picture? We’ve
established that All is God being God. All is Mind
knowing, and what Mind knows is idea or what we call
man. “Man is idea, the image of Love, he is not
physique” (SH 475:14). Man is the idea, or
consciousness of God.


Mind knows and thinks. The activity of Mind thinking
can be called reflection. Reflection is the
spiritually mental activity of this one Mind. Creation
is God’s reflecting on Herself. It is the action of
Mind, unfolding Herself within Herself. Mind creates
through reflection and so creation is God’s
reflection, which must partake of the nature of Mind.
And since Mind is wholly spiritual, therefore the
expression is wholly spiritual. It is as if God is
saying, “This, myself, is what is, this is what I am.
Therefore all that I create must be like Me. What I
create is never apart from Me. An idea can never be
separate from the Mind thinking the idea.” “All that I
see is Me. This is My reflection, or manifestation or
man.” This includes you. You can’t think, be aware or
experience anything on your own because the
consciousness that you have is God. As reflection you
can only give back to God exactly what God is. It is
like the image in front of the mirror. The image can
only move and act exactly the way the original in
front of the mirror moves and acts. The image can’t
think, express or experience anything that is not the
original. As reflection, you do nothing of yourself,
possess nothing of yourself, originate nothing of
yourself. You are permanent and complete. Mind
creates, animates, governs and constitutes Her own
reflection, you. You are action without stagnation.

Since God is the only Mind, it means that you do not
have a mind of your own to know God, it is only Mind
knowing its own manifestation, you. “Mind is the only
I or Us” (SH 591:16). You have no capacity to say, I
must know the Truth, I must make my demonstration. You
are what God knows, you are not a knower, because the
capacity to know always resides in Mind. You are the
magnificent experience of all the living, moving and
being that God is doing. There is no capacity outside
of Mind to cause, to know, to act or to experience
anything. When the ideas of Truth are in
consciousness, it is Truth itself being your
conscious. You are not a “knower”. You are not a
pray-er, for prayer is an activity of Mind, not the
idea. You are not a demonstrator, for you are God’s
demonstration. Reflection is letting what God knows
about Herself constitute consciousness.


This is the Coincidence, the Divine and You being at
the same place at the same time! Right Here, right
now, always.


Review: So we established God as the only being or
consciousness, and man as the idea of Mind. You only
experience what Mind, God, is being. This is a very
important point as we begin to explore the Coincidence
more deeply. You only experience what Mind, God, is


Earlier this year Oprah Winfrey hosted a panel that
discussed what I might describe as a theology of
sorts, the summary of which had been published in a
book called the Secret. How many of you are aware of
this book and its incredible popularity? Friends and I
were in northern Italy in September, and while having
dinner at a small restaurant we noticed the lady at
the table next to us reading the Secret. It has been
on the best seller list for many months. We ordered
the CD and the book and went through it. I was aware
that some of the statements sounded an awful lot like
Christian Science, but I could also recognize many
often subtle differences to Christian Science. So I
headed back to Eddy and her writings to make sure I
was clear on her teachings, particularly focusing on
the idea of God’s involvement in our daily lives and
meeting all of our needs. In thinking about this
keynote address, I thought that in light of all this
attention the Secret has drawn, it would be helpful
for us to look more closely at the Coincidence and use
a few of the teachings of The Secret to help us draw
out some of the finer points of Christian Science. I
have no intention of criticizing the teachings in the
Secret nor carry an air of the superiority of
Christian Science over the teachings of the Secret.

As odd as it may sound, comparing the Secret to
Christian Science may help us better understand
Christian Science.


Law of Attraction- One example of the Coincidence in
human experience-


As we begin to explore the theology of “the Secret” I
would like to make a couple important points: First,
what I discuss is a summary of a summary of the
teachings behind the Secret. I have chosen a few
specific quotes out of a book titled the Secret, but
this book does not include the entire teachings of the
Second, as I said a minute ago, the purpose in talking
about the Secret is to help bring out some of the
finer points regarding the Coincidence. Many comment
that the Secret sounds like CS, and in some ways it
does, in other ways it does not. I’m not a student of
the Secret so I don’t know much more about the
teachings than what I’ve read and seen in the video.
Third, the “Secret” has swept this country like a wild
fire. People have seen it, are talking about it, using
it, and sharing it with others. The interest in it is
huge. The purpose of this discussion is to have us
think more deeply about CS and be able to enter into a
dialogue with family and friends on the subject when
it comes up.


What is the theology in the Secret? The primary
teaching in the Secret is the law of attraction.
“Everything that is coming into your life you are
attracting into your life, and it’s attracted to you
by virtue of the images you’re holding in your mind.
It’s what you’re thinking.” The Secret teaches that
there is: The One Universal Mind: “All exists in the
One Universal Mind and there is nowhere that the One
Mind is not. It exists in everything. The One Mind is
all intelligence, all wisdom, all perfection and is
everything and everywhere at the same time. If
everything is the One Universal Mind, and the whole of
it exists everywhere, then it is all in You!” Other
terms they use for Mind are energy and Universe. In
the book they never use the term God.


Continuing, “Like attracts Like”: “The simplest way
for me to look at the law of attraction is if I think
of myself as a magnet, and I know that a magnet will
attract. You are the most powerful magnet in the
Universe. You contain a magnetic power within you that
is more powerful than anything in this world, and this
unfathomable magnetic power is emitted through your


Then, “thoughts become things”: “As you think, those
thoughts are sent out into the Universe, and they
magnetically attract like things that are on the same
frequency. Everything sent out returns to the source,
and the source is You. Your transmission creates your
life and it created the world. If you want to change
anything in your life, change your thoughts.”
Keep in mind that, “Here is the problem: Most people
are thinking about what they don’t want, and they’re
wondering why it shows up over and over again. The law
of attraction doesn’t care whether you perceive
something to be good or bad, or whether you don’t want
it or whether you do want it. It’s responding to your
thoughts. The Law of attraction simply gives you
whatever you are thinking about. Become aware of how
incredibly powerful you are, to be able to THINK your
life into existence. What you are thinking now is
creating your future life. Because you are always
thinking you are always creating. With this powerful
knowledge, you can completely change every
circumstance and event in your entire life, by
changing the way you think.”


So, how would you Use The Secret: “If you think about
Aladdin and his lamp, Aladdin picks up the lamp, dusts
it off, and out pops the Genie. The Genie always says
one thing, ‘your wish is my command.’ The Genie is the
Law of Attraction. The Genie assumes that everything
you ask for you want! The Genie never questions your
commands.” With me so far?


The book goes into specific steps on how to implement
the Secret but I will not go into the details, you can
read them in the book if you are interested. I will
briefly mention the steps:

  1. Step One: “The first step is to Ask. Let the
    Universe know what you want.
    Write it out on a piece of paper. Just ask once. It is
    exactly like placing an order from a catalogue.” They
    suggest using Visualization: “The reason visualization
    is so powerful is because you create pictures in your
    mind, seeing yourself with what you want. Create a
    Vision Board, where you take a picture of something
    that you want to have, like a car or a watch or a soul
    mate and pin it onto a board. Look at it every day
    and start to visualize it.”
  2. Step Two: “Believe.” “Believe that what you want
    is already yours–have
    unwavering faith. You must believe that you have
    received. You must act, speak and think as though you
    are receiving it now. The entire Universe shifts to
    bring it into your life. Why? The Universe is a mirror
    and the law of attraction is mirroring back to you
    your dominant thoughts.”
  3. Step Three: “Receive”: “Ask once, believe you have
    received, and all you
    have to do to receive is feel good.”
    They immediately follow with a discussion about the
    importance of Gratitude: “What can you do right now to
    begin to turn your life around? The very first thing
    is to start making a list of things to be grateful

The primary purpose of the Secret is to Attract
Abundance, in the form of money, cars, houses and all
kinds of things. “The only reason any person does not
have enough money is because they are blocking money
from coming to them with their thoughts. Every
negative thought, feeling or emotion is blocking your
good from coming to you, and that includes money. It
is not that the money is being kept from you by the
Universe, because all the money you require exists
right now.”


And, The Secret to Health: “Thinking perfect health is
something anybody can do privately within themselves,
no matter what is happening around them.”


So, what does the Secret say they should do for good
health? They must “Think thoughts of perfection.
Illness can’t exist in a body that has harmonious
thoughts. Imperfect thoughts are the cause of all of
humanity’s ills, including disease. Declare: I think
perfect thoughts. I see only perfection. I am


There is my short summary of the Secret. Some of it
sounds much like the teachings of Christian Science,
some does not and is not. Let’s delve a little deeper
into the Coincidence in light of these points I just


What the Secret calls the “Law of Attraction” and
what we call the Human and Divine Coincidence are to
me just different titles for discussing the same
questions–how God interacts with mankind, how the
divine becomes manifest in the human. Mrs. Eddy
refers to the law of attraction when she says
“Adhesion, cohesion, and attraction are properties of
Mind.” (SH 124:20), but in my research on her use of
the word “attraction”, it is not used the same way the
teachings of the Secret uses it.


Let’s begin by discussing the two views of the Divine:
The definition of the Universe: The Secret: As I
mentioned earlier they have substituted the word God
with the word Universe and in some cases the word
energy. They make reference to and define The One
Universal Mind as “All exists in the One Universal
Mind and there is nowhere that the One Mind is not. It
exists in everything. The One Mind is all
intelligence, all wisdom, and all perfection and is
everything and everywhere at the same time.” If I
understand it correctly, the function of the Universe
is that it receives man’s requests and then sends back
in human form what man is asking for.


Definition of God in CS: Eddy uses some of the same
language to describe God. God is Mind, intelligence,
wisdom, perfection, omnipresence. We are all aware of
her use of the synonyms for God: Spirit, Soul,
Principle, Life, Truth, and Love. One reason that I
became a Christian Scientist is because of how MBE was
able to explain God. She provides the most thorough
explanation that I have ever read. Her description of
the Divine is alive with detail, and a sense that she
really “knew” God. “To me God is All. He is best
understood as Supreme Being, as infinite and conscious
Life, as the affectionate Father and Mother of all He
creates; but this divine Parent no more enters into
His creation than the human father enters into his
child. His creation is not the Ego, but the reflection
of the Ego. The Ego is God Himself, the infinite
Soul.” (Unity 48:6).


Mrs. Eddy’s description of God is throughout her
writings. There are a few places where she actually
gives her definitions of God. One is in the chapter
called Recapitulation, the other is a section in the
chapter entitled Science of Being, where she
elucidates the platform of Christian Science. In
Recapitulation, after she lists the synonyms for God,
she includes a few of God’s attributes, including
omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. “Omni is
adopted from the Latin adjective signifying all. Hence
God combines all-power or potency, all-science or true
knowledge, all-presence.” (SH 465:9-18). Understanding
God as All is the foundation of the Coincidence, as we
discussed earlier this morning. When you read Mrs.
Eddy’s writings you can’t help but have a warm
comforting sense of God’s active and loving presence.
Definition of man: The Secret: From what I can tell,
they allude to three points about man. First, they
reason, “If everything is the One Universal Mind, and
the whole of it exists everywhere, then it is all in
You! The key word here is “in”- Mind is “In” man.
Second, man has a mind of his/her own to think, and
thirdly, what man thinks is transmitted to the
Universal Mind, hence a separation between the
Universe and man.


Definition of man: CS: Here is where MBE took on a
very radical and different approach in CS. For
example, in her chapter entitled Genesis, she writes,
“The first record–referring to the creation story in
Genesis 1–assigns all might and government to God,
and endows man out of God's perfection and power (this
is reflection). The second record chronicles man as
mutable and mortal, as having broken away from Deity
and as revolving in an orbit of his own. Existence,
separate from divinity, Science explains as
impossible.” (SH 522:5). For “Principle—God–and its
idea is One, and this One is God”. (SH 465:17). So
man is inseparable and indivisible from God. What God
is, man is through reflection, as we discussed
earlier. So man is not created separately from God to
live in an “orbit of his own”. This is an important
point of distinction from the Secret.


The Secret moves from a discussion of man into the
“law” of “Like attracts Like”: To reiterate: “The
simplest way for me to look at the law of attraction
is if I think of myself as a magnet. Our job as humans
is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want, make it
absolutely clear in our minds what we want, and from
that we start to invoke one of the greatest laws in
the Universe, and that’s the law of attraction.
Thoughts then become things. If you think about
Aladdin and his lamp, Aladdin picks up the lamp, dusts
if off, and out pops the Genie. The Genie always says
one thing, ‘your wish is my command.’”


So, as I understand what the Secret is saying, man
thinks, wishes, desires and even requests things that
he wants. These thoughts and requests go out to the
Universe and then the Universe returns these thoughts
as material things, exactly how they are requested.
My observation is that the Secret assures people that
if they follow their philosophy they will have all the
material possessions and money they wish for. As an
example, let’s say one wants a new red Porsche, one
would put that request out to the Universe and then
one would receive a new red Porsche. Let me rephrase
this in a slightly different way. You are in need of
a new car. You pray to God asking that Love meets your
need with a new car. You feel the demonstration is
made and your prayer is answered when you get a new
car. The requests are the same, but I have just
phrased them differently: the phrasing of the first is
an example of using the theology of the Secret and the
2nd is using a somewhat misunderstood sense of
Christian Science.


So, is God aware of our needs? In the chapter on
Prayer, Mrs. Eddy describes the "divine ear" as not an
auditory nerve but as the all-hearing and all-knowing
Mind, to whom each need of man is always known and by
whom it will be supplied. (SH 7:22). But to need
something suggests that we don’t have it. Divine Love
meets our every need not by entering into the human or
by sending us material things. We will see Love always
meeting our needs as we are consciousness of
ever-present Love, because the belief that we have a
need is changed into the understanding that we already
possess all that we need. There is no need to wait,
and pray for anything. We already include all that we
need and at this instance we are aware of it. This is
the Coincidence in practice.


The Secret teaches that one needs to communicate to
God what one needs or wants. Can we communicate our
needs and wishes to God? Eddy says that “Thought
passes from God to man, that the intercommunication is
always from God to His idea, man.” (SH 284:28). To
believe that man can communicate to God, can send
thoughts and desires to God, assumes two minds–man’s
mind and God’s mind–each separate and distinct. This
is duality, not Oneness, and is an important
difference to the Secret.


The natural question to ask is, if you’re right and
God does not create or know matter, how does She meet
our needs in our human experience? An important
distinguishing point between the Secret and Christian
Science is that everything exists as consciousness and
nothing is ever external or apart from consciousness.
But this does not mean that ideas are not tangible and
practical, just because they are not material. Mr.
John Hargraeves, a CS practitioner and lecturer gave
this example: “Abundance is all that is true of a
positive bank account, but the bank account is not
abundance, completeness is all that is true of
companionship, but a companion is not completeness.”
What we call material things, when correctly
understood, are divine ideas. The thing and the divine
idea are not two, but one. Whenever we see or use
something, like a car or a house or even our body, we
are aware of these because Mind is aware of these as
Her own ideas. Eddy says “Spiritually interpreted,
rocks and mountains stand for solid and grand ideas.
The fowls, which fly above the earth in the open
firmament of heaven, correspond to aspirations soaring
beyond and above corporeality to the understanding of
the incorporeal and divine Principle, Love.” (SH


When we correctly understand the fact that all
so-called things are thoughts, or divine ideas, we
will instantly see that we have everything that we
need at every moment. It is because we believe that
everything is material and that we can be without
things, lose things, and use things up that we have so
much difficulty in demonstrating our daily supply. It
is actually wonderful to understand this spiritual
fact because it means we don’t have to labor to
obtain, nor do we have to do without. We don’t have or
acquire abundance, but we are living the abundance
that God is expressing. Imagine, everything you need
you include as reflection–nothing to demonstrate,
nothing to obtain, nothing to earn, nothing to
acquire–just the acceptance of this reality right
now. Be free to experience all that God is providing
you at all times. We simply, gratefully acknowledge
the presence of God and understand the Coincidence,
and we will have what we need every moment.
How do we live this? Mrs. Eddy teaches us, “As
mortals gain more correct views of God and man,
multitudinous objects of creation, which before were
invisible, will become visible.” (SH 264:13) The rule
is to always stay with the spiritual fact, and to
never outline exactly how our need will be met. In
every situation, the spiritual fact and its tangible
expression will be become obvious to us, so often in
ways better than we could have ever imagined. I
suspect that each one of us in this room could share
experiences of how things worked out better than we
ever planned.


Don’t get mesmerized by focusing and ruminating over
the lack in your experience and worrying about how
your needs are going to be met. Focus rather on the
spiritual fact and you will see the symbol that is
exactly right for you will be present and evidenced in
your experience; this is the Coincidence of the Human
and Divine.


No doubt gratitude plays an important role in this.
For gratitude enables us to recognize the presence of
spiritual good, right when the material senses scream
that good is not present now. Gratitude lifts our
heart by acknowledging the good being showered on us
by God. And certainly gratitude opens the doors to
accepting, not attracting, the good in our experience.


The last point of comparison with the Secret that I
will make concerns Health.


The Secret says, concerning having good Health: We
must “Think thoughts of perfection. Illness can’t
exist in a body that has harmonious thoughts.
Imperfect thoughts are the cause of all of humanity’s
ills, including disease. Declare: I think perfect
thoughts. I see only perfection. I am perfection.”
Health and healing is a very important aspect of
Christian Science. We don’t have the time today to go
into depth on this part this morning, nor should I
since we are all “practitioners” in CS. We all know
that the application of CS in healing is much more
than “positive thinking” and thoughts of “perfection”.
One point I would like to make, relating healing to
our topic of the Coincidence. Mind, divine
consciousness, being aware of Her own perfection, has
no awareness or consciousness of disease. This Mind is
your Mind and your Life, knowing only the perfection
of your own being.


Conclusion: In conclusion, we have only begun to
scratch the surface of the topic the Human and Divine
Coincidence. We’ve covered a lot this morning, so let
me summarize the primary point that was made.
The Coincidence is the human and Divine existing at
exactly the same place and exactly the same time. The
foundation for the Coincidence is the Allness and
Onlyness of God. MBE states it beautifully, “When we
fully understand our relation to the Divine, we can
have no other Mind but His—no other Love, wisdom, or
Truth, no other sense of Life, and no consciousness of
the existence of matter or error.
(SH 205:32), and this is

our Coincidence with the Divine.


Let us take a few moments, sit quietly and feel the
presence of God with us here, right now.
Let’s close by saying the Daily Prayer, Thy kingdom
come, Let the reign…


Thank you.